World Series of Poker Birdie Flap - flappy bird , floppy bird, clumsy bird, angry bird, flappy wings
Birdie Flap
The hardest game you ever play! It's colorful and its fluffy! Like all flappy games, it's going to excite like the first and the famous Flappy Bird did, but this one is even better! Let this cute bird make your day! The silly bird will drive you crazy at some point, because it's not easy.
With one life to spare, tap thru the obstacles and score more points. At the end, don't tap the frog, because that might mean game over! Rest assured, this game is going to drive you off your comfortable seat!
With so many people downloading this app, you'd be crazy if you don't get this one! The birdie is waiting for you to be freed. No time to be lazy now or you will end up seeing flying pigs on the wall. Time is running out.
So hurry! Download now!
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